2017年11月27日 星期一

Biomedical Journal期刊Spotlight介紹本團隊的 長庚醫學資料庫研究



本研究使用一組NHIRD百萬歸人檔,Sample Size為1,000,000,研究結果指出長庚資料庫整體涵蓋率為21.2% (門急診),12.4% (住院);個別疾病涵蓋率為27–34% (門急診),14–21% (住院)。


Large Taiwanese clinical database under the spotlight

The Chang Gung Research Database (CGRD) is a de-identified database of medical records collected from the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, the largest hospital system in Taiwan.

With more than 280,000 patients admitted to the hospital system every year, the database is a gem for big data mining and has been used in around 1800 studies. However, the characteristics and coverage of the database with respect to the general population of Taiwan have never been studied before.

Based on their analysis of nearly one million medical records from the CGRD, Tsai et al. [17] report that the severity of co-morbidities and the prevalence of certain diseases were higher in the CGRD than in the Taiwanese National Health Insurance Research Database.

Thus, the CRGD could provide additional statistical power when studying complicated or rare diseases.

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